SIGMA-HR Wins the Innovation Award at the Preventica Conference in Bordeaux, France.

Preventica Conference

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Give us 5 minutes and we’ll show you how can improve productivity and reduce operational costs for your company. Request a free online demonstration now. is the ideal HR software solution for medium and large-sized organizations. If your business has between 250 and 5,000+ employees, then we invite you to explore how our web-based human resources management software can help you to organize, build and develop your global workforce.

Why SIGMA-HR Software?

People are your company's most valuable asset. works to leverage this asset by handling all aspects of your organization’s people and HR processes.

From managing a single employee’s file to streamlining recruiting, skills management, training and performance evaluations, is designed to help your company achieve a higher level of productivity. We also provide solutions in time management and occupational safety and health (OSHA).

No more sorting through endless piles of paperwork! With, you will be able to give your CEO, CFO & CIO the answers they need at a moment’s notice. Plus, the Self-Service portal provides staff members with access to all their information and resources, empowering your entire company to get more done, faster.

Get the tools you need to succeed! Our team will configure and customize your product according to your specific goals, providing all the necessary training, support and on-demand development that you need for success.

Contact us today and see why is the preferred human resources management software in over 20 countries, managing more than 750,000 employee records and counting!

Our HR Solution for Corporations

SIGMA-HR USA develops and markets a human resources management software: It offers a unique management solution, tailored to the nature of your business, adapted to the new economy. is one of the first international HR solutions, entirely based on the Internet technologies. Using the Web, the most powerful tool in the world, allows you to ensure operational issues of your business by connecting all the people within your organization throughout the world, at any time. is the global solution in human capital management. We understand your issues and we designed to give you the ability to:

  • Centralize and manage your data on a single database;
  • View your current and archived data;
  • Automate your HR processes and your repetitive tasks;
  • Share information;
  • Accurately analyze your data;
  • Anticipate your decisions;
  • Increase the efficiency of the organization;
  • Exchange data with existing systems.

Our HR Solution for the Public Sector

With a vision of tailoring an HR application to your organization, the main goal of is to bring the HR department to a new and more efficient level. By introducing modern practices, such as using a fully integrated HR software, your department will increase its efficiency and give you more time to take care of your most valuable assets: your employees. The automation of non-value added tasks, production of dashboards, workflows, etc. are the essential to the evolution of HR. The software gives you the key ingredients to bring your department to a new level within the organization.

The implementation of an HR solution in your organization is a strategic move: it should be done with a short-to-long term vision, for your department and your organization. While many will offer pre-packaged solutions, SIGMA-HR USA offers a uniquely-tailored solution, based on your needs. Our solutions enjoy an unparalleled level of flexibility: you can automate, create, analyze, prevent, respond, adapt, etc. Not just store and print…

We offer a horizontal and vertical solution: modular and covering all of your HR needs from the simplest ones to the most complicated business processes. is available to the Public Institutions of all sizes, with features and functionalities previously reserved for large corporations.

Position your HR department at the center of the strategic decisions of your organization: implement THE solution to optimize your department:

CFO’s and Finance Personnel

SIGMA-HR USA, understands that HRMS administration is one of the most administratively tasked responsibilities in an organization. The tasks are designated to sometimes separate departments that are tasked to provide information and reports to the office of the CFO. The CFO’s main responsibility is to produce and manage the P&L and the overall Financial Health of an organization.

We recognize that decisions have to constantly be made on the allocation of the limited or fixed resources of the organization. The Human Capital is the single most costly asset that an organization has and often the tools that are used to manage the people are outdated 20th century technology. SIGMA-HR USA provides finance with robust business tools to aid in the resource allocation and planning of these costly and valuable resources

SIGMA-HR’s Solutions for Finance Professionals include:

  • Integration/interface with all Payroll providers
  • Ability to store Payroll Data within the application
  • GL Interface
  • Company Asset Tracking such as laptops, Smartphone’s, computers
  • Accrual Based PTO Tracking for better Leave Management
  • Automated FMLA tracking
  • Real-time Business Intelligence(BI) information on demand
  • OSHA compliance reporting and Worksite Accident Tracking
  • Workman’s Comp administration tools
  • Automated date range reporting and budgeting tools
  • Compensation Management & Planning
  • Integration with MS Outlook, Word, & Excel
  • Data is never purged and the system is available 24/7
  • Purchase or SaaS option available
  • And much, much more.

Human Resource Manager & Personnel

SIGMA-HR USA recognizes the daunting task of managing the firms most valued and costly asset, its Human Capital. HR is charged with having to align the people of the organization with the overall strategy of the CEO’s Vision, yet seldom is provided the tools that are needed to do so in an efficient and effective manner. If you work in HR you have already understood that you are working or managing the most underfunded, over utilized department in the organization.

SIGMA-HR USA has developed an application that will provide robust tools to effectively manage the entire “lifecycle” of the employee from hire to retire. Our modular solution was created with the premise that the tools you need to today may not be the tools you need tomorrow. Our flexible and highly configurable application allows you to direct your organizations future and use the software as it was intended to be used; a robust tool to support the strategic evolution in a 21st century economy with decisions that need to be made in minutes not hours.

SIMGA-HR USA’S Solutions for Human Resources include:

  • Manager & Employee Self Service available 24/7 365
  • Integration with Payroll to alleviate redundant data entry
  • Recruiting, Succession, and Ascension Management
  • Salary Planning Tools and Compensation Management Tools
  • Accrual Based PTO Tracking
  • Organizational Charting
  • Automated tracking and notifications of company property, licenses and certifications, performance appraisal, and Salary reviews
  • Flexible custom reporting. In a few simple clicks complex enterprise reports can be created and scheduled to run and deliver themselves
  • Automated Compliance Reporting such as EEO, State & Federal OSHA, FMLA, ADA, IRCA, Vets-100, HIPAA
  • Dashboards to provide real-time business critical Intelligence
  • Data is never purged
  • And much, much more.