HR Core

We know the challenges you face every day.  The HR Corporate Solution is designed to help organizations just like yours overcome these challenges and become more informed, productive and efficient. is the first entirely web-based business HR software that keeps you up-to-date with the latest economic, financial and legislative factors that matter to your business, helping you to:

Make informed decisions, faster!

  • Accurately analyze data for increased business intelligence.
  • Quickly view your updated data and event history.

Increase organizational productivity!

  • Centralize and manage all your information in a single, convenient database.
  • Accelerate information sharing throughout your organization.
  • Incorporate company portals and user portals into the module.

Reduce operational costs!

  • Automate redundant HR processes and repetitive tasks through the SIGMA Personal Assistant.
  • Use your existing management tools to communicate with the application.
  • Define labor distribution for your organizational structure.
  • Define and maintain your organizational structure globally.

This comprehensive business HR software solution includes the following integrated modules:

  • HR Safety & Health
  • HR Risk Management
  • HR Time & Attendance
  • HR Scheduling & Time Capture
  • HR Training & Careers
  • HR Self-Service
  • HR Benefits & Compensation
  • HR Labor Relations
  • HR Outsourcing works to automate repetitive HR activities, giving you more time to work on profitable operational tasks.

You can easily program to:

  • Reset annual time banks (vacations, time off, sick leaves, etc.)
  • Analyze databases (absenteeism rates, salary increases, career tracking, etc.)
  • Provide notification at the end of a probation period
  • Email balanced scorecards, reports, lists or graphics to supervisors
  • And perform a host of other tasks!