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HR Risk Prevention

A powerful corporate risk management tool, HR Risk Prevention helps to ensureregulatory compliance and control the process of managing occupational risks. Contact us to request a free online demonstration.

Use HR Risk Prevention to:

  • Assess risk based on predefined parameters;
  • Implement preventative measures;
  • Record and analyze data required for risk assessment;
  • Generate follow-up indicators.

TheHR Risk Prevention module is a completely customizable corporate risk management solution, offering:

  • Complete prevention plans for occupational risks, including concrete actions and all follow-up elements;
  • Modern and efficient tools to raise employee awareness (pictures, videos, documents, etc.);
  • Easy retrieval of each employee's occupational risks (assigning occupational risks to work units and employees to risks);
  • Customized risk and personal protective equipment (PPE) databases;
  • Powerful statistical follow-up (scores, creation of risk factors, quantified measures of impacts of preventive actions).

Contact us for more information on how this corporate risk management tool can help your organization maintain compliance and reduce the impact of occupational risks.