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HR Health & Safety

When it comes to OSHA compliance software, corporations of all sizes and industries turn to the HR Safety & Health application. HR Safety & Health is the most-used industrial accident and absenteeism management solution in America!

A powerful OSHA recordkeeping software solution, HR Safety & Health helps you to effectively manage workplace accidents and fulfill your responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees.

  • Manages compliance risk and improves workforce productivity.
  • Simplifies your data input processes and organization of work time.
  • Adapts to your company’s specific management rules for seamless integration with your everyday processes.
  • Provides accurate, up-to-date information about your organization’s health and safety data, training, and prevention metrics.
  • Helps to ensure OSHA compliance and efficient control of work-related and non work-related absences.

Why HR Safety & Health?

Ensure OSHA Compliance: HR Safety & Health integrates with the OSHA Four Point Management Tool, providing access to Federal and State-specific OSHA forms.

Manage Workplace Accidents: The application connects with workers compensation, provides risk prevention and management tools, prescribes PPE and relates specific incidents with preventative measures and training to reduce the possibility of future risk and dramatically improve the way your organization handles workplace accidents.

Control non work-related absenteeism: HR Safety & Health works to track the labor costs of absences and provides valuable insight into how absenteeism can be reduced.  Automate time off tracking, manage employee events and print absenteeism reports by individual, team, department, division, or company.