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HR Scheduling & Time Capture

Use HR Scheduling & Time Capture to revolutionize time management for your organization! 

Available in SaaS or full acquisition mode, this module offers a complete time management solution to centrally manage multiple sites located anywhere in the world. Contact us to request a free online demonstration. 

HR Scheduling & Time Capture allows you to effortlessly manage and schedule employee attendance:

  • Customize work schedules:
    • Specify each employee’s number of hours worked, flex-time, break/lunch period, maximum or minimum break/lunch time.
  • Create recurring work schedules over a period of time:
    • Speed up the process of creating split and rotating shifts.
  • Automate time validation rules:
    • Ensure compliance with labor laws and internal practices required by collective agreements and departments. Generate alerts for when time captures are not compliant.

An Interactive, Centralized Time Management Solution for Your Entire Organization!  The key to efficient time management is consistency.  HR Scheduling & Time Capture integrates with for remarkable consistency across your entire organization.

Employee Scheduling:

  • Managers can create and manage employee schedules based on the preconfigured time validation rules :
    • Dynamically calculate scheduled, effective and anticipated hours worked;
    • Verify and anticipate overtime;
    • Manage employee replacement.
  • Employees can view their official work schedules, see their time-off balance and log their own attendance:
    • Manually input timesheet entries;
    • Clock in or clock out from the web application;
    • Clock in or clock out from a terminal.
  • HR staff and managers can benefit from powerful automated reporting tools for:
    • Periodic generation of information for payroll;
    • Management of absenteeism and attendance;
    • Management of bank balance with alert thresholds;
    • Customized graphical analyses;
    • Cross-analyses with other key processes in the company (absences, work accidents, etc.).