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HR Self-Service

Eliminate repetitive data entry, increase organizational productivity and decentralize everyday management with HR Self-Service from

HR Self-Service allows each employee to consult his or her file and take part in different HR management processes at any time. The application is accessible to all employees with a PC and Microsoft Internet Explorer; there is no need to install anything else on their computers!

A secure, accurate solution!  Each employee is identified by a unique user code and password. A workflow system ensures the authorization of information entered by the employee and approved by the appropriate supervisors.

HR Self-Service empowers employees to:

  • Fill out time sheets for projects, activities, customers and budgets.
  • Consult and modify their personal information (contact information, marital status, etc.).
  • Consult their time banks and holiday schedule.
  • Send requests for time off.
  • View if their requests for time off have been approved by their supervisor.
  • Compile expense account reports.

Combined with HR Training & Careers, HR Self-Service enables employees to:

  • Consult the list of job openings and submit an application.
  • Express their career development objectives.
  • Access the list and content of training sessions available.
  • Apply for training and track the status of their application.
  • Consult their career history.
  • Receive and complete their annual performance evaluation questionnaire.
  • Input a wide range of follow-up activities, such as courses to take, mentors to meet, etc. to better develop themselves!