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HR Time & Attendance

How much time are you wasting on time management?

HR Time & Attendance software dramatically simplifies the process of managing employee timesheets and attendance, leaving you with the freedom to focus on more strategic operations.

Use HR Time & Attendance software to get more done, faster!

Give Your Staff The Tools To Manage Their Own Time & Attendances: Through the HR Self-Service application, managers and employees are able tomake their own timesheet entries and send them for approval according to a defined workflow.  An adaptable, flexible employee time tracking software solution, HR Time and Attendance adjusts to your company’s specific management rules

Automate Time Tracking & Time Sheet Generation: Electronic time sheets capture all aspects of employees’ time including number of hours worked, description of tasks, allocated budgets and job related expenses.  Time sheets are easily generated from templates based on calendars and various work schedules, and can be manually adjusted in order to record retroactive hours.

HR Time & Attendance makes it easy to manage your workforce!

  • Control absence records to reduce the duration of absenteeism.
  • Record reasons for absence in employee records.
  • Automate employee time off tracking.
  • Manage relocations, assignments, medical leave and other events.

Instantly view and print individual or group absenteeism reports by team, department, division or for the entire company