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HR Training & Careers

It’s time to take control of your workforce.

The HR Training & Careers application will empower your organization to build a stronger employee base.  From managing staff evaluations to identifying the need for specific skill sets, this employee development software provides all the necessary resources for accurate, intelligent and effective career development. 

Employee development software that takes the guesswork out of career management! HR Training & Careers evaluates your company’s current skill sets and identifies which skill sets are needed in order to stay competitive.  As a result, you have all the information needed to:

  • Anticipate future organizational needs.
  • Build a skill set that is adapted to your organization.
  • Enhance the value of current employees.
  • Recruit candidates with the appropriate skills and experience.
  • Offer effective training to your staff.

What will YOU do with HR Training & Careers career development software?

Empower Your Staff with the Skills for Success.

  • Develop and simulate individual and group training plans.
  • Establish training needs and create a course list.
  • Automate creation of training sessions.
  • Follow up with training plans in terms of budgets, ratios and indicators.
  • Create individual training histories.
  • Comply with continuing education requirements. 

Maximize Employee Performance.

  • Prepare annual individual performance evaluations and skills assessments.
  • Create customized evaluation forms and questionnaires.
  • Track and follow up on employees’ career plans.
Make Intelligent Staffing Decisions, Quickly!
  • Create succession and replacement plans.
  • Measure discrepancies between the skills required for a position and a particular employee’s skills (skill gap analysis).
  • Manage talent (internal and external recruitment) and create a candidate database.