SIGMA-HR Wins the Innovation Award at the Preventica Conference in Bordeaux, France


SIGMA-HR USA is pleased to announce that its HRMS software won the Innovation Award at the prestigious Preventica Conference in Bordeaux, France. is the most innovative global human capital management system on the market today! Knowing the daily problems of its clients, SIGMA-HR USA designed the application to solve those issues by centralizing personnel administration, business structures and position management. The added value comes when adding different modules to manage processes such as:

  • Time and attendance of employees (timesheets, expense reports, etc.);
  • Recording of employees’ scheduled and actual work time (provided by a time clock);
  • Training and succession planning;
  • Talent and recruitment, and especially
  • Workplace accidents and Workers’ Compensation claims;
  • Occupational risk prevention, and
  • Legal reporting.

With this innovative solution, you can manage Workers' Compensation for all employees and print the legal OSHA forms, but you can also manage occupational risks in order to establish prevention plans: all in one integrated full web and comprehensive HR suite.

This solution is unique: it is the only one in Europe, but also worldwide, to offer management of workplace accidents, risk prevention activities and occupational risks integrated into a comprehensive management system (HRIS). This allows all stakeholders in the company to centralize information on employees, including their accidents, risk exposition and prevention plans.

"It's a completely new and innovative concept for the whole European Economic Community (EEC), but also for America. By using an application such as, the company ensures fully updated employee records, their well-being at work, but also meets the legal requirements. By identifying the risks to which each employee is exposed, this allows reduction or control exposure of such risk, in order to prevent or reduce the risk of accidents. This solution enables the company to identify areas for improvement where actions have to be put in place to reduce or eliminate risk of accidents." said CEO of SIGMA-HR USA.

This solution is designed for corporations with a significant number of accidents (more than 700 employees) in at-risk sectors, but also for any company, government agency or community that wishes to automate risk and accident management, while maintaining accurate and proactive employee records. It also allows these companies to manage all new OSHA regulations in force since 1 January 2012 in Europe.