OHEL Children's Home and Family Services Selects As Their New HRMS.


OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services, established in 1969 to protect and strengthen individuals and families by meeting the diverse social service needs of the community through programs of excellence. OHEL serves communities in New York City, the surrounding Boroughs, Northern New Jersey, Southern Florida and worldwide on the web. OHEL currently employs 1,200 regular employees in 40 different locations throughout the New York City area.

OHEL had several challenges motivating a decision to implement Numerous manual HR processes that needed to be more efficient, a centralized management structure, compartmentalized processes, and technology adverse employees; this was not an easy goal to reach!
Choosing was the obvious choice due to its very user-friendly interface, full SaaS solution, and its unlimited flexible configurations without the need for custom development. “We were looking for an HRIS that could incorporate our processes and workflows with a short deployment timetable. The system needed to be adaptable and highly configurable, with a look and feel that would encourage adoption by even our most technophobic employees.  We do our own payroll, using an industry-niche legacy system. Our reporting needs required a bi-directional interface between systems, which is not easy to find in today’s HRMS market”, says Mr. Reuven Bell, CIO at OHEL. provides all the tools to configure an alert system to notify managers and administrators of tasks, responsibilities, and workflow processes to be executed. Manual tracking of PTO and benefits was another challenge for OHEL. Utilizing to automate PTO, benefits, and other non-value added tasks would reduce the burden on Administrators and eliminate errors, allowing them to focus on creating and executing strategic initiatives. This will also assist in saving significant dollars that can be reinvested back into the organization and the Community.

“As a not-for-profit organization, OHEL is naturally price-sensitive, but we also knew that deployment would require a lot of handholding from our chosen vendor. SIGMA-HR worked with us to find the best solution for our needs at a price-point we were comfortable with, and have consistently impressed us with the level of personal commitment and attention they’ve given to our implementation project”, concluded Mr. Bell.